Ducks Haven cottage in Cartmel is now a doggie haven!

It’s always good to see another self catering property allowing dogs and especially in such dog friendly and human friendly locations such as Cartmel in Cumbria.


Ducks Haven lies within the Aynsome Manor Estate just outside of the village and is one of a group of adjoining holiday properties. It has recently been taken over become dog friendly and has undergone a complete refurbishment, very stylish and practical.

With more and more people wanting to enjoy their holiday or weekend away with their dog or dogs so has the choice of dog friendly places to stay and as you will have read in previous posts, I am very pro self catering when we all go away. Now with the quality of Lake District self catering accommodation available such as Ducks Haven, a Visit England 4 star gold award property, both 2 and 4 legged members of the party needn’t take second best.

cartmel dog friendly cottages

The exterior and interior of Ducks Haven

If you’re not familiar with Cartmel then you and your dog are missing a real treat. Rolling hills, endless footpaths and bridle ways, close to the Lake District fells yet within touching distance of the coast, basically open space in every direction is what you get. But Cartmel Village itself is the true gem as it’s as some refer to it, the foodie capital of Cumbria. This small, quaint and ultra picturesque south Cumbrian village is home to the UK#s best restaurant L’Enclume but also Simon Rogan’s bistro and pub. On top of that there are 3 other superb pubs which all allow dogs, cafes, artisan food producers and outlets and a regular food market.

walking cartmel

View from summit of Hampsfell, cartmel

As well as the food, what is ultimately and easily noticed is the amount of our fabulous four legged friends wandering about (all on leads with their owners of course!). Even some of the shops allow (obviously very well behaved!) dogs within them.

To view the full description of Ducks Haven and to find out more about Cartmel and the surrounding area, visit

By Jenny Andrew

Warming news from dog friendly Lake District inn

Mac, Cam and I love to let our two and four legged friends know of any dog friendly developments in Cumbria and the Lake District. Funny how these so often (all the time) focus on holidays and places to eat and drink…..

But in our eyes, we love places to go that are dog friendly and that satisfy the needs of man and mutt. Wainwright’s Inn owner and run by the Langdale Estate have refurbished something we all love and especially at this of the year, the range. This original range is the thing of beauty and does of course provide the open fire vessel for the pub. Country pub, hearty food, real ale, location perfect after a long fell walk with the dogs, dog friendly, PERFECTION!

dog friendly lake district

Collies love the outdoors but are extremely partial to a real fire.

Just like around the treat drawer or tin, dogs flock to lie in front of an open fire, just see Buzz the Collie in the picture above mesmerized by it. They may have run at 100 miles and hour for the whole 8 mile walk which no doubt meant they covered at least 3 times that distance but that doesn’t mean a bit of warmth is not in order.

If you’re not familiar with the Langdale Valley then its a haven for walkers, low and high level, picturesque and arguably the best best views of any location in the Lake District. Wainwright’s Inn is a proper pub with Cumbrian real ales and a menu full of Cumbrian produce. Wainwright’s famous lamb shoulder speaks for itself, no need to look any further.

Visit for more informationa nd the view the menu. Drinks derved – Monday to Sunday 12 noon to 11pm and food daily 12 noon to 9.30pm.


Mac+Cam Back After a Summer Blogging Break

Sorry for not posting for some time. It’s been a busy summer for Mac+Cam, positively stressful really. They’ve had to go on walks, play in the lake, host doggy guests on top of the day to day barking at the postman and eating sausages. I think you’ll agree, it is a very tough life……

But what a summer it has been. Plenty of sunshine leading to plenty of fun things to do with the dogs but at the time making sure they are cool and hydrated. Lucky for us over on the west coast of Cumbria having the sea, rivers close by and just 4 miles away, Wastwater. With 2 hairy dogs all of these water venues have been invaluable in the heat.

Cam went for a mountain bike ride with Mike one day. Mike just about managed to keep up with Cam who I’m sure has some greyhound in him. Here he is taking a much needed dip in the River Bleng.

river bleng gosforth

Cam taking a dip in the River Bleng, Gosforth

Possibly one of the hottest days of the summer where even the evening didn’t seem to be cooling down we decided to take M+C down to Wastwater. Armed with floating toys including a frisbee the pair of them were loving wading and swimming out to fetch them. It was welcome for Mike and I too.

border collie cooling wastwater

Mac+Cam cooling off in Wastwater, Western Lake District

wastwater western lake district

As you can see, the view is quite pleasant from the shores of Wastwater…..

Then just 2 weeks ago Mac+Cam had their mate Beardsley from the North East come and stay. Here’s the 3 of them outside the Horse & Groom in Gosforth. It’s a thirsty job walking 3 Border Collies!

dog friendly pub horse & groom

The 3 Musketeers

gosforth dog friendly pub

Beardsley and Cam – think they may have heard a rustle….

By Jenny Andrew

More Strings to our Doggy Bow

Despite us canines knowing we are extremely important to every day living, as companions and friends and the greatest advocators (and taste aficionados) of sausages, our venture into the promotion of mobile phone networks and motor vehicles has been a complete surprise to us.

We’ve been noticing the use of the hashtag quite a bit when we’ve been on social media and especially #BeMoreDog and #WoofWagon. Naturally, “woof” and “dog” caught our eyes. It appears us canines (well and I suppose to some extent cats) are a popular marketing tool and subject at the moment. We’re of course, barking mad about this.

We’re not really fans of cats so if they could #BeMoreDog it would be far better. The cat on the O2 advert is just like so many felines, insanely jealous of us pooches. We’ve known for like ever, humans and most other animals want to be more dog.

This is Cam and I in our #WoofWagon. It is a vehicle than transports woofs and wheels in the form of us two, Mac+Cam and/or Mike’s road bike.

BoT83C8CAAETyxO.jpg large
So remember everyone, #BeMoreDog, it;s the future.

By Jenny Andrew

Us dogs are in for a right treat at Tebay Services & Hotel

Hi, Mac & Cam here. Well, what a busy month it has been for us. Bank Holidays, loads of walks, it’s been just soooooooooooooo tiring. But back to it now and on the hunt for news to broadcast to our fellow canines and human dog lovers and owners.

We’ve mentioned before in one of our blog posts about the Westmorland Hotel on the M6. It’s in between Kendal and Penrith and we love it. It gives us great pleasure to announce the hotel and services has just got even better.

Jenny says “A pictures paints a thousand words” and we most definitely agree, see below.


We know Jenny loves the Farm Shop there so we know the next time we go and if she gets some of that beef she likes, we’ll be in for a real treat too. We’re obviously just supporting the environment as always in our quest for no waste naturally! Just get your owner to ask at the butchers counter for an appropriately sized bone for your size, don’t be greedy now!


We’ve also heard through the paw line that if you stay in the hotel, you (we mean our 4 legged kind) get Lily’s Kitchen doggy goodies in the room. Both Cam and I are partial to these treats especially the Venison, duck and salmon ones as they taste and smell the best but we also like the bedtime biscuits as they make us sleep really, really well (although we’re pretty good at that anyway).


By Jenny Andrew

A Wow Easter Weekend in West Cumbria

It’s nearing the end of an absolutely amazing Easter weekend. Admittedly, the forecast was good beforehand but for it to actually have produced such amazing weather on 4 consecutive days has been a revelation.

We decided to honour the trend for staycation’s to the max and stay at home. Living in West Cumbria, with the weather we’ve had this weekend, it felt almost criminal not to make the most of it. The dog’s have loved it too and here’s a brief outline of what we’ve been up to…

Now, my fear is for tomorrow when everything returns to normal after they have been spoiled with visitors, countless walks and leftover roast beef all weekend. Starting on Thursday and my Dad came up to stay so major fuss was given out to Mac+Cam. Here’s them guarding my Dad’s motorbike…


Onto Good Friday and I think we’ll just keep it as pictures speak louder than words, just look at that sky in the evening there…


Onto Saturday and we decided to head off up Waberthwaite Fell. Parking just up on the Corney Fell road, it was complete and utter peacefulness. No gradients but just good to be out and about with views over to Great Gable in front and out to the Irish Sea behind as in this pic.


BREAKING NEWS – The bluebells have started to emerge in the woods by Harecroft Hall south of Gosforth. Mac being a Blue Border Collie has an affiliation with this flower and is always compelled to pose by them…!


West Cumbrian beaches can’t be beaten on a weekend like this and every morning the boys have been out for a run around and a play with the ball down at Seasccale. The tides have been perfect for morning and evening walks made even better by the extremely low Spring tides.


So I think us lot won’t be the only ones being on a bit of a Post Easter Downer tomorrow but then, it will have all been worth it after a weekend like this. Bring on the next Bank Holiday!

By Jenny Andrew

Crufts Runner Up Visits Dog Friendly Hotel in Cumbria

Hello, Mac here. One of Cam and I’s recommendations back in September last year ( it appears), the Westmorland Hotel near Penrith, has had a very high profile guest this month.

The guest in question was Angus and he had just come 2nd in a prestigious, international competition. Augus is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and he was stopping off at the Westmorland Hotel on his way back to his home in Edinburgh after coming 2nd in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Veteran Class at Crufts 2014. What a great result!

We’ve read this about him, his full Kennel Club name being Lyncraeg Dream Angus ShCM, “Blenheim with good type head, sweet expression. Well constructed and moving well for his 10 years.” We say, well done Angus! By the way, we both have funny names too. Mine is Birkcross Blue Boy and Cam’s is Birkcross Winter Druid (although some may say he should have been named Birkcross 666 The Devil…).

dog friendly westmorland hotel

Angus, his owner, Teazle and Saffy outside The Westmorland Hotel

Anyway, back to Angus and apparently he had a fantastic spot of relaxation post Crufts along with his owner as well as Teazle and Saffy (all in picture above). Birmingham to Edinburgh is some distance and especially for us canines so the ability to have somewhere to stop over, right off the motorway, dog friendly and human friendly is ideal.

We think it shows the standard of the place that a Crufts finalist has stayed there and we’re sure Angus and his 2 friends enjoyed the Lily’s Kitchen doggy treats in the room, we think he well deserved them.

Your owners need to mention we’re coming to stay so just give the Westmorland Hotel a call before booking and let them know so they can get everything ready for you. Full details on this dog friendly hotel in Cumbria can be found here

By Jenny Andrew

Border Collie Leg Stretching on way back from Newby Bridge

It was a jolly at the Lakeside Hotel at Newby Bridge on Saturday to meet my friend for lunch. Cam joined me on the journey but I must confess, I thought the place a bit too posh for a very exuberant Border Collie!

As whenever I take either or both the dogs with me on an car journey, I naturally combine it with a walk too. It’s always a good chance to explore new routes for both them and me and gives us all the fells of a day out. For a change, I decided to go via Ulpha and Birker Fell on the way home having not been this way for a while.

dunnerdale fells

Cam looking towards the Dunnerdale Fells

After a couple of miles from the turn off at Duddon Bridge the views get even better and there are plenty of places to park up off the road and plenty of footpath signs. I parked near the ironworks, quite a large pull I’d say just half a mile before the cattle grid and the road leading into the village of Ulpha.


Cam gazing west, possibly Corney Fell behind

It was a quick up and down but a good chance for Cam to stretch his legs and of course do a spot of scenery admiring. The road then leads onto Birker Fell but beware of the steep hair pins at the beginning of this fell road. Well worth it though with the views going over it and which eventually takes you down to beautiful Eskdale.

OS map “OL 6″ is the one you need for this area. Once you’ve turned off the road at Duddon Bridge it is dog walking, gorgeous scenery and not a main road for miles.

By Jenny Andrew

A Super Sunday Local Walk with Mac

A bit of a change for Mac and Cam on Sunday. Mike was about and wanted a run so he took Cam on an 8 miler around Blengdale Forest. Mac, as mentioned in my previous post, has done his cruciate ligament so running is a no no so it was Maccy and Me.

Before I knew it 3pm had come around so with a subtle hint from Mac (standing by the door) I thought we’d better get a move on. The sun decided to come out a right treat so I decided we’d have a local walk, no car required.

Here’s the route and what a great 3.5ish mile one it was.


The route is very muddy at times so if you’re going to walk this, high walking boots or wellies are advisable and possibly very small dogs require carrying so as not to end up head to toe in the stuff! Mac being of a statuesque nature coupled with being a Border Collie so accustomed to dirt/mud/sand/dung had no issues!

gosforth cumbria dog walking

Mac alongside the River Bleng, Gosforth, Cumbria

Gosforth has 3 excellent dog friendly pubs, the Horse & Groom, Gosforth Hall and the Lion & Lamb so it makes a great place to end up after or pass through when walking your 4 legged friend!

It really was the best part of the day and looking back at this picture, it’s hard to imagine weather like this. This week has been another awful one with no one escaping the storms but with the South West and Wales experiencing the worst of it.

It looks like it’s going to be another unsettled weekend but with the Valentines love of our 4 legged friends we’ll surely going to have the best time possible!

By Jenny Andrew

Meeting – Windermere – Walkies

Mac came along with me to a meeting on Tuesday. This isn’t a regular thing but having been to the vets last week and finding out he has done his cruciate ligament in one of his hind legs, I thought it would be a nice treat for him. I can tell not being able to go out running or mountain biking with Mike and Cam is starting to get him down.

So the meeting was in Windermere and the fine folks at Applegarth Villa filled me up with loads of lovely sandwiches and lemon drizzle cake whilst Mac chilled out in his bed in the back of the van. Bonus number 1 for Mac, there were some sandwiches left. Major licking of lips when I opened the van door and offered Mac 2 egg butties. They were very well received as you can imagine.

So the reason for taking him was to give him a little walk on the way home too so I parked up at the lay-by at the top of the fell road to Woodland before you drop down the hill into Grizebeck. It was very windy but with amazing sunshine and it actually felt good to be squinting for a change. The views were amazing up there with the Coniston fells clear as a whistle, see the image below, and see that it was so windy it made Mac’s ears stick up!

dog walkign woodland

Mac with the Coniston fells in the distance

dog walking cumbria

Anyone’s guess what he was looking at here!

This road to Woodland is a great place to let you dogs stretch their legs if you’re heading to the Western Lakes, having tarmac if the weather is rubbish and the lay-by to park in. There was no sheep there on Tuesday but there is normally there so dogs should be kept on short leads as lambing time is approaching.

By Jenny Andrew