Mac+Cam Back After a Summer Blogging Break

Sorry for not posting for some time. It’s been a busy summer for Mac+Cam, positively stressful really. They’ve had to go on walks, play in the lake, host doggy guests on top of the day to day barking at the postman and eating sausages. I think you’ll agree, it is a very tough life……

But what a summer it has been. Plenty of sunshine leading to plenty of fun things to do with the dogs but at the time making sure they are cool and hydrated. Lucky for us over on the west coast of Cumbria having the sea, rivers close by and just 4 miles away, Wastwater. With 2 hairy dogs all of these water venues have been invaluable in the heat.

Cam went for a mountain bike ride with Mike one day. Mike just about managed to keep up with Cam who I’m sure has some greyhound in him. Here he is taking a much needed dip in the River Bleng.

river bleng gosforth

Cam taking a dip in the River Bleng, Gosforth

Possibly one of the hottest days of the summer where even the evening didn’t seem to be cooling down we decided to take M+C down to Wastwater. Armed with floating toys including a frisbee the pair of them were loving wading and swimming out to fetch them. It was welcome for Mike and I too.

border collie cooling wastwater

Mac+Cam cooling off in Wastwater, Western Lake District

wastwater western lake district

As you can see, the view is quite pleasant from the shores of Wastwater…..

Then just 2 weeks ago Mac+Cam had their mate Beardsley from the North East come and stay. Here’s the 3 of them outside the Horse & Groom in Gosforth. It’s a thirsty job walking 3 Border Collies!

dog friendly pub horse & groom

The 3 Musketeers

gosforth dog friendly pub

Beardsley and Cam – think they may have heard a rustle….

By Jenny Andrew