More of our Friends Visiting the Cuckoo Brow Inn

Easter time this year Cam and I went to one of our favourite doggy hangouts, the Cuckoo Brow Inn, see post written by Jenny our owner “Easter Sunday Walk in the Lakes”.

It was recommended we all stop by there if ever walking over that way and since then, we (me and the now not so small pup) and them (Jenny and Mike) have been back at least twice and we all love it.

Naturally, both myself and Cam like to let as many of our dogie friends know if there’s somewhere that really likes us 4 legged lovelies. Having bumped into Sally, Jack and Lucy on the beach the other day, you know woofing away and all that, we told them about Cuckoo Brow.

Sally, Jack and Lucy know we are experts in where to eat and drink (e.g. best treats and cleanest water bowls) so they barked at the chance to go. We think this picture says it all about how happy they all were when they went to the Cuckoo Brow…..

cuckoo brow inn

Doggy Friends enjoying the Cuckoo Brow Inn

The human food is good too which is obviously very important for our owners enjoyment. We must always factor them in when recommending woofly places and humans can check out the facilities on the Cuckoo Brow website here